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Profile Bear - Thor

We continue with the series of featured personalities that Bear + International is doing, this week we will show a bit of a teddy bear living in the universe where people fantasize about characters from superheroes, cartoons and television series, known as " Cosplay ".

May 08, 2017

"Fierte Ours de Paris", bear event in the most charming city of Europe!

In bear's universe we always have something to think about when we first talk about them, parties, for example, is something that never goes out of style, much less do not cease to exist.

Some of them already draw attention by the number of participants, others by programming and others of course see beautiful, muscular, hairy and bellied bear that appear shirtless, showing the sensuality.

May 18, 2017

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The Agenda - Bear´s party

Bear Of The Week

01/08 - 01/14 Juanito(SPA)

You are well informed of the week, check in Instagram your photo #weekbearmais

January 08, 2018 0 92

Selfie Sunday - 50 TOP 2017

The agenda - Set Lists

Glauco Brandão (Brazil)

November 01, 2017

Interview : Drake Jensen

Drake Jensen is currently the best known bear singer best known by the ursina community world, not for his songs that speak of prejudice, bullying or joy of being Gay, but of the fight of human rights and the direct of homosexuals.

Photos by Corvidae Studio Photos (EUA)