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"Fierte Ours de Paris", bear event in the most charming city of Europe!

In the video above, a presentation of the ten candidates for the title of Mr. Monsieur Our 2017

Interview by Marcelo Gomes de Andrade 2017/05/01 Special

Official logo of this year's event.

In bear's universe we always have something to think about when we first talk about them, parties, for example, is something that never goes out of style, much less do not cease to exist.

Some of them already draw attention by the number of participants, others by programming and others of course see beautiful, muscular, hairy and bellied bear that appear shirtless, showing the sensuality.

In Spain we have Mad.Bear and in the United States the well-known Provincetown Bears that even was featured in film as the "Bear City".

However, there is a community that does not see in parties held in saunas and nightclubs very modern and hectic but yes, boat trip by the river Seine, a picnic in the park, walks in museums and restaurants being part of a script that lasts at least five Days.

It has the traditional party in the nightclub in the city of Paris

Yes, there is this type of event for the bears, Fierte Ours de Paris which is complemented this year the ten years of activities has this type of proposal differentiated to all.

This year will be held from May 24 to 28 and not only will this kind of event, since last year is holding a male beauty contest bear with ten candidates full of charm, trying to win the audience by the site of the event. Also as a tradition the team brings out a gay community personality, this year will pay homage to the plastic artist Nicolas Maalouly.

We interviewed the organizer of the event, Marc Pauli to talk about this wonderful event that is growing and conquering people from several countries, including Brazil.

Les Ours de Paris is celebrating this year a decade, formerly how the bears organized to make their community?

It’s a ten years story of friendship between the members of Les Ours de Paris. A lot of work as well, as we all have our own job besides and are organazing Tjhe Fierté Ours on our spare time. The event grow slowly, from one year to another, adding new appointments in our schedule each year : election party, cruise on thes river Seine, pic-nic… With the help end the support of our sponsors and partners

Unlike the events held in Madrid, Barcelona where the focus is more parties in saunas and nightclubs, you prefer to show something different, what would be the schedule of the places they are offering at the event?

We organize parties and saunas as well. But a friendly atmosphere, conviviality… that is really what we want to give and to promote. The boat cruise on the river Seine is very appreciated by the bears ; just imagine 200 bears, on a boat, during 2 hours, eating, drinking and laughing, with all the beautiful monuments of Paris around us ! Full program : http://fierteoursparis.com/Programme and http://fierteoursparis.com/Prevente

Photo of the event "Mr. Monsieur Our" in 2016

Another novelty that we say is very rare is to make a contest of Mister (Monsieur Ours 2017) aimed at the public in several stages. What would this process be like?

Everyone can submit his inscription to the contest. The first step is a internet vote ; during 2 weeks, everyone can vote for his favorite candidate. Only the 10 first contestants are then allowed to take part to the finale part of the election. During the Fierté Ours, we organize The Election Party ; the 10 final candidates are presented to the public during a show on stage. It’s the votes of the public that nominate the winner : Monsieur Ours.

Nowadays bears are very focused on the internet and doing several selfies through social networks, is this kind of interaction important to promote your event?

We try to use the social networks as well and as much as we can. Considering Facebook, we have a page : Les Ours de Paris and a group : Fierté Ours Paris. As often as we can we share the events that we organize during the year and of cours all the rendez-vous of la Fierté Ours. And we are happy to see that we have thousands of followers and friends.

This year will have the participation of a photographer who specializes in photographic essays to take the photos of the possible candidates, do you think that a good image is essential to publicize the candidates for Monsieur's title?

Each year, we choice a photograph to take pictures of the candidates. We are looking for a non-conventional image of the bears through this pictures. This year, it’s Mathias Casado Castro who took the pictures. He is a very talented photograph of the gay scene in Paris. The portraits of the candidates are already on the net. But there is a second serie that will only be shown during the week of the Fierté Ours… Surprise !

Picnic is one of the attractions of the event

Paris is now the center of attention of the world due to the presidential elections, the attacks and the European community. Do not get worried, because because of these facts, they may alienate foreign tourists and how they are reacting.

We hope our friends from all over the world will be with us this year again… Love and live must be stronger than hate and violence ! We all know so well how difficult it is to fight for the right to live as we intend to… The 2017 edition of the Fierté Ours will take place as usual ; it’s our way to resist to terrorism.

Last year we saw some videos posted inside Cruzeiro and even the candidates singing in a karaoke at ease showing a very nice atmosphere, right?

It was such a pleasant and great time ! A sunny afternoon, good friends, an all-you-can-eat buffet with desserts and sweets, music and cocktails… We are trying to make it as successfull this year again!

In some countries, such as Brazil that does not have this type of event, what advice would you give people linked to the Brazilian community to make an event of your own size?

Be yourself, don’t forget your own values… Don’t try to copy what others have done before… Be kind one to each other… Our event is not only a beauty contest : it’s a question of self-acceptance, as a gay man, as a big or fat guy. The winner is the one who made the largest step forward, with the help of the group of the other contestants. To feel better in his own life and in his own body.

In front of a restaurant that seats the place only for the bears on the day of the event.

At the beginning did you have any difficulty finding sponsors to make the event?

At the beginning, the event was only supported by the bear bar of Paris : Bears’den. It was a real chance for us, because he was not only asponsor, it was also a real partner, involved in all the fight and struggle of the LGBT community. And in the bear community as well. Years after years, we found other faithfull partners and sponsors ; they helped us to grow bigger and stronger. http://fierteoursparis.com/Partenaires

In each edition of the event, you invite an artist to showcase the works, in this case in 2017 is Nicolas Maalouly, how do the selection of these artists?

We always associate an artist to our event. It’s a way to give another view on the bear community, through an artist’s eye. The choice is the result of discussion and exchange with some artist, we used to know, and who are interested to work on the bear universe. Nicolas Maalouly is someone who always stood by les Ours de Paris. He is a man with a multifaceted personality. For our 10th anniversary, it’ was quite natural to ask him to create some new works. The opening of his exhibition « Des papiers et des Ours » at the Bears’den is on Wednesday 24th of May

They will also have a picnic in the event, the bears like to eat at least, as it is this tradition that we think is cool, after all, bears are known for the gastronomy!

We often organize picnic in the gardens and parks in Paris. Everybody brings his food and share with the others! Drinks and ice are provided by les Ours de Paris. Food is something important to us. And sharing it with others is a good start for friendship… Of course we love to cook and we love to eat !

To close, some of you already know Brazil, what do you think about the bear universe of Brazilians?

Sorry, but I don’t know much about the bear life in Brazil… But we would love to know you better and welcome you in Paris…

Another attraction of the event is a boat trip on the Seine River that cuts through the city of Paris

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